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[Review] Homemade Pasta Sauce from @saucysg

Home-based businesses are appearing more and more everywhere. You can get almost everything, from just browsing Instagram! But a certain category is gaining plenty of traction and popularity online, which is FOOD. Home-based food businesses are raging all over Singapore Instagram, where you can find plentiful of baked goods like cakes, brownies and puff pastries. […]

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Grooming, Lifestyle

[REVIEW] Fresh On Scented Medicated Oil Singapore

Medicated oil is a long-standing tradition in Asian cultures, spanning from a time where parents deemed it a miracle ointment for curing every and any ailment. Medicated oil has been a go-to product for generations, and despite the lack of scientific proof of efficacy, we still find comfort and relief in its application. Medicated oil […]

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Starbucks to add plant-based food & beverages to Singapore & Asia

Starbucks recently just announced additional Plant-Based food and beverage products will be introduced to Asia over the course of next few months. They will be introducing Oatmilk Cocoa Macchiato and Almondmilk Hazelnut Latte to store menus in 8 markets, as well as plant-based food choices at stores in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, and […]

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Microsoft just unveiled the Xbox Series S

As the release date of the next generation console slowly gets closer and closer while their pricing still remains a mystery. Microsoft decided to strike first with their rumoured ‘less powerful’ console, dubbed the Xbox Series S. It was officially unveiled on the Xbox Instagram with a price of $299 USD ($410 SGD) with more […]

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[REVIEW] Huawei MatePad Pro 2020

Huawei has been a technological giant in the mobile phone industry, so much so that they have to be axed from using Google services to keep them in check. This has hit Huawei on all counts regarding their latest phones and has somewhat crippled them for the time being. But their phones aren’t the only […]

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