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3 Ice Cream Places with Delivery

Traditionally, we often cool down with a classic cold treat – ice cream. Many ice cream establishments in Singapore has given the cold treat an upgrade. From gourmet flavours to local inspired ones. Want one? Don’t worry, you can get your treats right at your doorstep. These delivery joints have delivery at your convenience. #1 […]

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Magnum’s Luxe Chocolate Cake Batter Review | Singapore Ice Cream Desserts

Chocolate coating with a mixture of cookie bits, surrounding a rich vanilla ice-cream. Does this sound good? If yes, you’re probaby interested in Magnum’s Luxe Chocolate Cake Batter. Magnum’s latest addition to their already massive catalog of ice-cream is a unique approach to what you can put on an ice-cream, named “Luxe Chocolate Cake Batter”. […]

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