Brutal Asians is a product and services review site that focuses on delivering the truth, and only the truth. We were created to combat the widespread disease of marketing jargon the only way an Asian knows how: Through brutally extensive experiments.

Make no mistake. We don’t want to just slam, bash, or flame. If a product holds true to their numbers, we want to celebrate its success in being honest with its customers. But should we discover otherwise, you will know about it.

We serve to test and verify the claims made by companies, and to effectively deliver the brutal, honest truth to our audience.

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The things we do:

Wildly diverse and so different in cultures, sometimes we can’t even tell ourselves apart, but this also means we have taste buds for many different cuisines, such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Malay, Thai, street food, dim sum, Michelin starred, or even vegetarian.

Drinks & Desserts:
You can’t say you’re Asian if you don’t drink bubble tea, or crave for glorious desserts like ice cream, cheesecake, cakes, waffles, or even craft beer. And did we mention bubble tea?

Trending Events:
Be it food festivals, flea markets, IT fairs, warehouse sales, we’ll be there to check it out first and let you know if it’s worth your time.

Men’s grooming, men’s fashion, video games, sports, movies, the latest gadgets, you name it, we’ll review it.