Things you need to know about Dragon’s Blood – DOTA 2

The Dota 2 community is hyped for Netflix’s new anime adaptation of their favorite MOBA game. Dota’s history spans almost two decades. What started as a mod of Warcraft’s: Reign of Chaos has grown to be one of the biggest faces in esports in the last decade. With the recent prize pools of their most important annual tournament, The International, reaching tens of millions of dollars.

As of writing this, we’ve gotten two teaser trailers. The first one featured Dragon Knight, Mirana, and Luna. The second one revealed that Kael, the Invoker, was also making an appearance in the show. And the third one, which fans uncovered by finding the parts of a QR code from the four posters, featured Terrorblade.

On the second trailer, we’re given some bits about the plot to chew on. The story seems like it’s going to revolve around Selemene, Goddess of the Moon. There are dragons, warriors, magic, gods, and demons. Par for the course when every game of Dota is like that and more.

Studio MIR is leading the helm in the animation department and based on their track record, we’re feeling really good. If you don’t watch a lot of animated shows and don’t know who they are, then it might be easier if we listed down some of the stuff they’ve produced. That list includes The Legend of Korra, Voltron Legendary Defenders, and Young Justice: Outsiders.

The series premieres on Netflix this March 25th. Speculations abound that the release of the anime will coincide with the release of the new update and hero in the game.

Quite frankly, we’re excited. The animation looks amazing, and we’re hoping the story holds up.

We’re just disappointed they didn’t add in Techies somewhere.


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