5 Horror Media Content To Unleash Your Inner Rusell Lee

Can’t get enough of your childhood horror storybooks? We’ve got you covered with content that will surely give you goosebumps.

I think it is safe to say that for Singaporeans, our fad for supernatural stories began because of Rusell Lee’s True Singapore Ghost Stories and Incredible Tales. For those who’ve never heard about Incredible Tales, the show first aired on Channel 5 in 2005 and its last season aired in 2014.

Incredible Tales essentially re-enacts encounters of ordinary Singaporeans. There was also an interview segment to gather opinions from those who believe in these supernatural beings and those who are skeptical.

While you can still watch reruns of all 8 seasons of Incredible Tales on meWATCH, here are more horror media that will surely keep you up at night to satisfy your horror cravings:

Podcast (Spotify)

  1. True Southeast Asia Stories – GHOST MAPS

This podcast, started by HANTU is an English podcast that is inspired by real encounters. The stories explored are tales of supernatural beings that have manifested across Southeast Asia.

Currently, there are only have 22 episodes. But fret not as new episodes will be uploaded on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month. Each episode lasts for only 10 to 15 minutes long so you can easily binge listen to all of it in a day while you’re in your commute.

2. Supernatural Confessions

PHOTO: Supernatural Confessions

Supernatural Confessions is an English podcast by True Ghost Stories. The podcast features stories of supernatural encounters and discusses the topic of myths and legends in our very own Lion City.

Aside from the podcast, there’s also a confession page. If you’ve got a ghostly encounter to share, simply confess your story. Even if you don’t, that’s a-ok because you can still read other horror stories over at the Confession Journal page.

If you have a passion in writing, illustrating ghosts, researching and/or investigating haunted places, you can even sign up as a contributor. Regardless of what it is, Supernatural Confessions definitely has something for you.

3. Malam Seram

PHOTO: Malam Seram

Malam Seram (Scary Night) is a ‘LIVE’ Horror Talk Show that you can tune in to listen to on Spotify. The talk show is hosted by DJ KC Champion, a former radio DJ for Ria 89.7FM. DJ KC first helmed the radio segment, Misteri Jam 12 (Mystery at 12 o’clock).

This podcast is a mixture of storytelling and ‘LIVE’ phone interviews with listeners. It is on air every Tuesday to Saturday from 12 midnight to 1am so tune in if you’re in for some spook in the dead of night. For non-Spotify users, the podcast is also available on Apple Podcast.


PHOTO: Dark Arts Of Syed Wilson

Dark Arts of Syed Wilson

Dark Arts of Syed Wilson is a Facebook Page where you can read up on true ghost stories. There are also illustrations by the artist himself to accompany the story. The ghostly tales are all contributions from ordinary Singaporeans.

All stories are based on personal experiences which happened in the heartland of our neighbourhoods as well as other parts of Southeast Asia. Check them out because who knows, there could be a tale about your neighbourhood you never knew.


True Horror Stories POV


True Horror Stories POV first made its debut on the IG TV of Instagram user @qryxtiianaqiah during the circuit breaker period. Since then, her short Point-Of-View (POV) videos garnered the attention of many.

These POVs are essentially reenactments of her own experiences and it is as realistic as it gets. The soundscaping, editing and acting is so on-point that it will definitely send shivers down your spine.

For the faint hearted, we’d like to mention that there are jump scare scenes in the videos. All videos are available on IGTV as well as the True Horror Stories POV YouTube channel. For English speakers, head over to their YouTube channel instead as there are English subtitles available.

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive and are just some of our picks that we feel will definitely get your heart racing. If you have other horror media platforms to share, let us know as well!


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