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[REVIEW] Huawei MatePad Pro 2020

Huawei has been a technological giant in the mobile phone industry, so much so that they have to be axed from using Google services to keep them in check. This has hit Huawei on all counts regarding their latest phones and has somewhat crippled them for the time being. But their phones aren’t the only […]

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Play games and win prizes at Super Shopee Games Day

Play games and get rewarded! On 4th September, Shopee will be having their Super Shopee Games Day where you can play 5 different games on the Shopee app and receive vouchers and discounts off your favourite merchants! Games that will be available to play includes: Shopee Bubble Shopee Candy Shopee Farm And many more! Each […]

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Minions are back to McDonald’s Singapore

Minions are a crowd favourite, with their sinisterly-innocent look and their mischievous antics that got the attention of the world. This September, they are once again back in to our lives via McDonalds with plenty of fun and interesting (but not necessarily new) stuff with them! SmokyNacho Cheese Sauce Dip From 3rd September, 9pcs McNuggets […]

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