[Review] Homemade Pasta Sauce from @saucysg

Home-based businesses are appearing more and more everywhere. You can get almost everything, from just browsing Instagram! But a certain category is gaining plenty of traction and popularity online, which is FOOD. Home-based food businesses are raging all over Singapore Instagram, where you can find plentiful of baked goods like cakes, brownies and puff pastries. Today we found a home-based business specialising in pasta sauce! It’s not just your average pasta sauce, but a plant-based and vegan pasta sauce too!

Introducing saucysg (or @getsaucysg) on Instagram.

saucysg was founded by a young couple who wanted to promote healthy food that is still delicious. They sell pasta sauce in jars, with each single jar touted as concentrated enough to cook into 3-4 servings. They come in 2 flavours: Miso Cashew and Sundried Tomatoes. You can get them at a bundle of 2 or 3 ($27 and $35 respectively). The pasta sauce has no preservatives and is vegan-friendly, which also means they do not last as long in storage; it is recommended to finish each jar within 5 days, and with refrigeration.

Note: for this review, we boiled up some linguine and mixed in the sauces with no extra ingredients. TADA – a fair review!


First on the menu is the Miso Cashew sauce.

For this cream-based pasta, cashew milk was used instead of dairy cream to give it a rich nutty base. Remember how we said this brand was vegan?

Side note: Be sure to use medium-low heat and add a little pasta water when you prepare your Sauce! As promised, the sauce is really rather thick and can dry up quickly. Once cooked properly, the sauce sticks well to pasta. 

Flavour-wise, we loved how creamy it was, and it didn’t feel very heavy either, probably thanks to the cashew rather than dairy base. The taste of miso was pretty mild. It seems to be an intentional move on saucysg’s part, which caters to those who prefer light, mild and healthy tasting foods. As someone who tends to be heavy-handed with the seasonings, I think this might not be my cup of tea (or rather, jar of sauce!)

For the peeps who like heavy flavours like me, do yourself a favour and follow the saucysg instructions: mix in an egg into the sauce to get a thicker and more flavourful chow. Strict vegans, sorry but you’re flying solo!


The second flavour that they offer was the Sundried Tomato sauce. I have to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to this as it was a flavour abundantly found in supermarkets. And, I find those really bland!

But, to my surprise, it’s way better than those supermarket varieties. Cooking the pasta with the sauce was a breeze, it doesn’t stick to your pan (even if you are cooking on a higher heat!) and the sauce coats onto the pasta easily. 

The sauce was a flavourful delight, thanks to the deep savoury notes contributed by the sundried tomatoes. The sourness of the tomatoes was one of the most pleasant ones I ever experienced, and it opens up your appetite even more. To top it all off, there’s something smoky about the sauce, which brings it to another level. When it comes down to canned tomato sauces, nothing I tried has ever come close this good. 

Another tip shared by saucysg is to chop up a single chilli padi and add it into the pan while you are cooking the pasta to give it a spicy kick. We’d highly recommend it!


Mixing the Miso Cashew and Sundried Tomato sauces together unlocks a mystery third sauce… THE PINK SAUCE.

IMHO, this is definitely a MUST TRY method. This mixture brings the best of both flavours. The rich creamy texture infuses with the flavour of the sundried tomatoes, complementing each other beautifully. Presentation-wise, you get a nice pinkish look, due to the combination of red of the tomatoes as well as the white of the Miso Cashew. For those non-vegans out there, adding some protein to this pasta would be great and extremely impressive method to wow your guests if you were to host your friends and/or cook for your family. 

Overall, this is a welcome addition and a great alternative to the pasta sauces you get from supermarket. The freshness of the sauce can be felt and nothing about it feels commercialised. Though the shelf life isn’t great (5 days refrigerated and 3 weeks in freezer), the price help to make it very reasonable for anyone ($27 for 6 – 8 servings and $35 for 9 – 12). saucysg gets a BRUTAL APPROVED. 

Now, if you want to try it for yourself, you can pre-oder it here

  • Miso Cashew
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • "Pink Sauce"


saucysg Created simple, easy to eat and fresh pasta sauce that we can enjoy without the hassle of actually cooking it. It’s tasty and great for the average consumer and definitely better than what supermarket can normally offer. 


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