[REVIEW] Fresh On Scented Medicated Oil Singapore

Medicated oil is a long-standing tradition in Asian cultures, spanning from a time where parents deemed it a miracle ointment for curing every and any ailment. Medicated oil has been a go-to product for generations, and despite the lack of scientific proof of efficacy, we still find comfort and relief in its application. Medicated oil has become linked to the identity of an older generation, deemed as a “Boomer” habit with younger millennials and zoomers eschewing this for modern comforts like aromatherapy.

Then came along Fresh On. Decidedly a brand primarily focused on its repertoire of medicated oils, Fresh On is determined to put the oily OO in Zoomer too with its range of fragrant oil-based rollerballs that blur the line between medicated oil and aromatherapy.

Fresh On is a local (Singapore) brand that infuses popular scent onto traditional medicated oil recipes. It comes in 3 different scents: Original, Lavender and Barley Mint, each represented by a coloured cap (Green, Purple and Blue respectively). It is housed in a modern-ish frosted glass with a stainless steel rollerball for easy application.  


First, let us delve into the most important aspect: the medicated oil. Medicated oils are usually meant for headaches, muscle aches, joint pains, and for nauseousness, they grant you a tide of relief to get over the “hump” before you get better. Since the effects of this aren’t tangible, you’ll have to take our word for it… personally, our Brutal Asians team does feel that the rollerball oil is effective for awakening and takes the edge off when we get the inkling of a headache coming on.


Original scented

Nostalgia also plays a big part; despite the modern branding and look of the product, the medicated oil brought back a familiar and distinctive smell that is so unmistakably recognisable scent of menthol. It feels as though you went back in time as a small sick child and your mom/grandma rubbed it on you to make you feel better. As a fan of the nostalgia and traditional, we give this Original scent a thumbs up!

Lavender scented

Next on the list, lavender! There is a hint of lavender when you first open the cap and catch a whiff, but the lavender smell gets easily overpowered by the menthol-smell, which becomes the main scent not long after application. With the lavender taking a backseat, it seems we’re getting a medicated oil with a lavender twist, rather than the usual strong kick of lavender we’re used to for conventional lavender-infused products.

Barley Mint Scented

Barley Mint is the last in the scented range and is my personal favourite. When you pop open the cap, you are greeted by a sweet scent, which I would describe as “Yeo’s Lemon Barley”. It smells so different from the other two. Somehow, I feel that this could be passed off as perfume (subjective opinion, please take me with a pinch of salt). Similar to the lavender version, the menthol takes the lead with its scent after application, but unlike the lavender, the sweet barley smell is still there and still very obvious. A stark contrast to the other two fragrances and is uniquely fresh. 

At $3.80, Fresh On brings medicated oil back to the youths in a new interesting way that is refreshing and cool to have on hand. The packaging is, thankfully, less “obiang” than a traditional product so your colleagues are less likely to laugh at your “auntie taste” in personal care items. Especially with the affordable price point, we are very happy with our purchase and believe that you will appreciate it as well! Especially at work when you have a case of headaches, dealing with stressful situations, or even for fighting against food coma after lunch.

We would recommend that you go for the Barley or the Lavender scent for something that is different from the usual medicated oil.

Available to purchase at Watsons, Guardian as well Lazada!

Fresh On Scented Medicated Oil
  • Original Scented
  • Lavender Scented
  • Barley Mint

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