Microsoft just unveiled the Xbox Series S

As the release date of the next generation console slowly gets closer and closer while their pricing still remains a mystery. Microsoft decided to strike first with their rumoured ‘less powerful’ console, dubbed the Xbox Series S.

It was officially unveiled on the Xbox Instagram with a price of $299 USD ($410 SGD) with more information to be unveiled as the days go by. But, thanks to @_h0x0d_ on Twitter, who leaked the specification video on his twitter feed. The Xbox series S is targeted at those with lower resolution TV or Monitors, going at 1440p resolution & and up to 120FPS. The Xbox Series S is about 60% smaller than the previous revealed Xbox Series X and comes with 512GB of storage.

Are you as excited as us about the next generation of consoles? Which console will you be getting your hands on? Let us know in the comments below!


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