Nvidia just announced their Ampere 3000series Graphic Cards

Gamers Alert! Nvidia just dropped a bomb on the world of PC gaming last night, with the reveal of the RTX 3000 series graphics card (GPU), named “Ampere”. Where Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang, on a live stream at his kitchen, casually took out their latest product from his oven.

Ampere is said to be 1.9 times more efficient than the previous generation of GPUs, which is a huge boost as compared to the previous generation. In fact, this is probably the largest leap in GPU power from previous generation. 

Graphics cards announced are the RTX3090, RTX3080 and RTX3070, which they claim to be all faster than current flagship, the RTX2080ti, while pricing them comparatively lower (RTX3070 is less than half the price of RTX2080ti).

Announcing along with the launch of the new graphics card are the new features that help both in terms of gaming, as well as media production and development work. 

At Digital Foundry youtube channel, we can see that the RTX3080 is around 60 – 80% faster than 2018’s RTX2080.

The Ampere GPU will be available to purchase from 17 September for RTX3080, 24 September for RTX3090 while the RTX3070 will be released in October. This is the first time these first-party GPUs are released on Nvidia’s Singapore Store.

You can watch the full live stream video here:

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