The latest Zombie flick #Alive is coming to Netflix on 8th September Singapore

Zombies flick has become somewhat of a cliche notion on TV until the Koreans came along and took the Genre to the next level, first with Train to Busan, followed by Kingdom on Netflix and there are not stopping there with the newest release: #Alive

#Alive tells the story of a mysterious virus outbreak that suddenly spreads throughout modern day Seoul and rapidly grows out of control. Citizens are struggling to stay alive when the virus is turning them on each other, and eating each other. Oh Jun-u (Yoo Ah-in) and Kim Yu-bin (Park Shin Hye) are desperately trying to survive in an apartment complex from those infected with the virus. Stuck in their homes, they have no access to cellular data, Wi-Fi or phone calls and their only source from the outside world is what they see on the news on TV. You can see more from this exclusive look at #Alive

It seems like Koreans have got an even better grasp on how to do Zombie shows, by using the Zombies as a backdrop while focusing on the characters and the desperation they go through, which is honestly refreshing since walking dead and walking dead has been, well, quite dead. It is probably why Koreans zombie shows have been a constant hit.

#Alive will have its international release on Netflix on 8 September following it’s theatrical run in Korea. I know I will be excited to watch it when it comes out. Do you want us to review this when it’s out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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