The School Nurse Files will be available on Netflix from 25th September

Netflix is a great place to catch your favourite Korean dramas with it’s long list of show that will keep you entertained for the foreseeable future, but they have no intention to stop there. Netflix has just confirmed the date of one of the new original series The School Nurse Files for September 25th! Starring Jung Yu-Mi(Train to Busan) and Nam Joo-Hyuk(The Light in Your Eyes), the show will be interesting to follow with a really weird magical plot.

The shows follow Ahn Eun-Young, a school nurse who has special powers to see supernatural Jellies that are invisible to everyone else except her. These Jellies are invisible blobs of greed which are unleashed when an accident breaks their containment seal in the school basement. Eun-Young faces the greatest challenge of her life when she has to battle these supernatural creatures.

The School Nurse Files, a quirky fantasy series, directed by Lee Kyoung-mi of Crush and Blush and The Truth Beneath, and written by Chung Se-rang who authored the original novel that the series is based on, will be available only on Netflix.

If you are looking for a Korean show that is more recent, Stranger S2 is now available on Netflix!


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