[Review] Samanli Bubble Mask – Singapore Review

Facial masks (not the kind for Covid) for beauty have never been more popular with the ladies with every brand coming up with their own version of Facial Masks that promises beautiful skin. Some of the best masks out there come at a steep price, but what about good and cheap masks? This is where @GlowingJems on instagram comes in with Samanli’s Bubble Mask, using Bamboo Charcoal Cleaning. 

Samanli Bubble Mask is a one-step sheet mask made from bamboo charcoal that claims to be effective in shrinking pores and deep cleansing. Oxygen bubbles stimulate the skin to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and deeply penetrate the pores to thoroughly cleanse dirt while maintaining moisture and hydration. The mask contains perfluorocarbons that helps dissolve oxygen on your skin, making you look younger. 

Instructions found on the packaging are all in Chinese, so for those who can’t read or understand Chinese, this might be a problem. But don’t worry, we got you covered:

1. Apply the mask on your face. Make sure it’s evenly spread onto your face with no air pockets in between the mask and your face.
2. Leave the mask on your face for 10 mins before removing it. Bubbles will gradually appear on the mask during the whole duration.
3. After removing the mask, rinse your face with water, followed by applying Toner or Serum for maximum effectiveness.

With that being said, let’s try the mask out. 

The solution on the mask feels sticky

When you first put on the mask, you will feel a cooling sensation, after awhile, bubbles start forming on the mask, roughly around 2mins in. As more bubbles start appearing on the mask, it starts to feel ticklish. It’s not unbearable, but it’s not exactly very comfortable too.

After removing the mask and washing the face with water, the skin feels minty and doesn’t feel tight at all. The skin does feel more revitalised & hydrated and definitely looks better, though we are not so sure about the “Closing the pores” part of the claims as there are no visible difference in the pore size between before and after. Here’s a before & after image under the same lighting.

The best part about this mask, is the duration of the mask’s effects. From our testing, the effects can still be seen 10 hours after removing the mask. For the price of $15 for a box that comes with 5pieces, we think that this mask is a great deal and we give this a BRUTAL APPROVED. If you are looking to purchase this mask, check out @Glowingjems on Instagram.

Great news, @GlowingJems is giving away 5pieces of mask to 5 lucky winners to try it out. Head over to @Brutalasians_review on Instagram to find out more!


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