Nasty Cookie selling Milo Cookies from August 1st

Nasty Cookie, which sells New York-style cookies, announced that the Milo Stylo Cookie and Milo soft will be available at Nasty Cookie’s Funan outlet from August 1 to August 31 due to popular demand.

With National Day around the corner, all this Milo goodness is part of their National Day promotion. The newly launched Milo Stylo cookie is a crispy on the outside and gooey in the inside type of cookie. The cookie cost $5.50.

source: Nasty Cookie

Just take a look at all that chocolate goodness. It consists of malted chocolate cookie dough paired with a warm blend of Cadbury’s caramelised white chocolate that is topped with chocolate crunch.

And the other goodness would be their Milo Soft Serve. They are bringing it back due to popular demand and we know everyone knows the reason.

This ice cream was initially launched back in 2019 and it has the style of a Milo dinosaur. The cone cost $3.20.

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