After two years of studying esports professionals and players around the world, Herman Miller and Logitech unveiled a series of high performance gaming furniture and accessories, including the Embody Gaming Chair, the industry’s first truly ergonomic chair.

Both companies did their research and found out that players took a variety of postures in chairs without noticing the negative impact overtime. It could actually affect their performance as well as their health.

With that, they discovered that they needed to modify the current chairs to improve lower back support, to increase forward leaning and provide a greater ability to swivel so that there can be better adjustments for tables and monitors.

This is when the first gaming chair from Herman Miller and Logitech G invented the Embody Gaming Chair. They included a cooling foam with copper- infused particles that supports the ideal gaming posture and reduce heat buildup. This also allows the weight to be evenly distributed to reduce pressure and encourages movement.

In addition to that, they also introduced the Herman Miller Motia, Ratio, and Nevi Gaming Desks.

source: https://www.hermanmiller.com/

These new gaming desks encourage regular movements and allow users to switch between different postures to adjust to the gamer’s playing styles and this increases the energy and efficiency.

You can definitely order your gears or get the updated information about the collaboration or products on Herman Miller‘s website. You can also shop for your gears here.

Collaboration is an essential part of our philosophy. We have always worked with experts to help us create the best possible designs, from product designers to specialist doctors. This is why we have joined Logitech G.

Our design heritage is combined with its innovation in video game technology to offer you some of the world’s most advanced products in this segment.

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