[REVIEW] NUTRABLISS by Watsons Singapore

Known to be Singapore’s No.1 health, personal care & beauty retailer with all your favourite brands at great prices, Watsons has launched their own health food called NUTRABLISS by Watsons where they focus on being a close companion by providing everyone with the best yet easy-going products, to resume, replenish, rejuvenate your every cells from busy daily life.

NUTRABLISS BY WATSONS have products ranging from grain mixes to healthy teas and natural raw nuts as snacks. We will be reviewing their natural raw nuts.

We’ll be tasting 4 of these healthy snacks namely:

All of them are natural, organic, rich in dietary fibre, no preservatives and additives and definitely no pesticides.

Disclaimer: This review is solely based on our personal thoughts and experience when tasting the product.

Natural Mixed Nuts & Dried Fruits

Price (according to Watsons website): $7.90

This pack of mixed nuts & dried fruits comes from USA, Australia, Turkey, India & China. They are 65% organic and 35% natural. It consists of pumpkin seed, raw almond, raw cashew nut, sunflower kemel raw hazelnut, dried mulberry and raisin.

We took a handful of the mixture and threw it into our mouths. It was a pleasantly healthy taste. There was a good balance of sweet and plain. The sweetness coming from raisins and the the plain-ness from the almond.

Organic Mixed Dried Fruits

Price (according to Watsons website): $7.90

This is both organic & natural. The dried fruits comes from USA, Australia, Turkey and China. This pack of mixed dried fruits are naturally cholesterol-free and trans fat-free. It consists of dried mulberry, raisin, goji berry and dried cranberry.

This would be the sweetness pack out of the other 3 but fret not, we didn’t feel guilty at all. The dried cranberry and raisin stood out the most compared to the other fruits. We ate this after lunch when we were hungry and wanted to snack and it really made us full. It’s a great alternative to snack on compared to sweets or chips.

Natural Raw Almonds (Unsalted)

Price (according to Watsons website): $6.90

This pack of raw almonds are unsalted and are from USA. Its naturally cholesterol-free, trans fat-free and a great source of protein. We could really taste the rawness of the almond and it rather strong. If you aren’t used to it, it might feel a little odd on your tongue.

However, a handful of these raw almonds was able to last us for 2 hours. We ate them after lunch when we wanted to munch on something and it lasted us thorough dinner.

Natural Raw Walnuts (Unsalted)

Price (according to Watsons website): $6.90

This pack of raw walnuts are natural and also naturally cholesterol-free, trans fat-free and a great source of protein. Similar to the raw almonds, the taste of the walnuts was strong too. The nuts were crunchy and tasted bland. But it did made us feel full after a handful of it.

In conclusion, if you want to have a healthy and guilt-free time snacking, we would recommend you to try these snacks from NUTRABLISS by Watsons. Although, the unsalted raw almonds and walnuts tasted weird and unpleasant, it’s a healthier choice. All of them are able to make you feel full for a long period of time and its a great alternative to those sweet and salty snacks such as chocolate and chips.

And for the prices, it might be slightly expensive for a pack of 180g nuts and dried fruits but on the brighter side, it’s healthy and worth it.

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