Nintendo celebrates Super Mario 35th anniversary with new Monopoly and Jenga games

For Super Mario’s 35th anniversary, Nintendo and Hasbro have come together to produce two special edition Monopoly and Jenga games. You must be thinking that there already is a Mario-themed version of Monopoly and you are right. There is. However, this Celebration edition highlights the Mushroom Kingdom and its location and items.

The board begins with World 1-1 and ends with Bowser’s Kingdom. The most important part is definitely the player icons, which includes Yoshi eggs, Super Stars and Koopa Shells. Toad homes replaces normal houses and of course, castles replace hotels. In addition, Question Blocks and coins replaces Chance cards and money. 

We saved the best for the last, the new Jenga Super Mario. It utilises four players: Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad. They are on a block-stacking quest to slay Bowser. The characters have their very own pegs that slot into the sides of the bricks to indicate who reaches the top first. So this is how the game goes, each turn begins with a spin. Which directs players to remove blocks with tradition Jenga, to get coin rewards. Or you can move further up and down the tower. It is a benga with a Mario twist.

The Super Mario Celebration edition of Monopoly is available for $30USD and Jenga Super Mario is $20 USD. We can expect both games to arrive on August 1. 

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