K-Pop star G-Dragon and Nike will be Releasing a Top Secret Limited-Edition Air Force 1 Sneaker

You have never seen a more top-secret collaboration than this latest collaboration between K-pop star G-Dragon and Nike. Of course, except for these sneaky teaser images. The collaboration is called ‘Para-Noise Part 2’ is done in a similar fashion to it predecessor, the ‘Para-Noise Part 1’ released in November last year. 

If you are expecting a full on G-Dragon x Nike collection, you can just keep waiting. As there is only one pair of shoes in this collaboration – the Air Force 1. Kinda like how Kanye and Adidas makes Yeezy, only that 1 pair of shoe every season. 

In this secretive limited-edition Nike Air Force 1 sneaker, it features a metallic painted skin over its premium leather upper. Whats so cool about this pair of shoes is that the metallic paint is supposedly able to peel apart to reveal an original artwork by G-Dragon for his PEACEMINUSONE fashion/ art label. And that label is really exclusive as well, sort of like a members only fashion/art label. 

The sneaker does feature Nike’s signature Swoosh logo in black grained leather. How can there not be the iconic Swoosh logo. But anyways, G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE’s daisy emblem with a missing petal is embroidered on the sneaker’s tongue. The sole is black decorated with strokes of silver paint. 

We are expecting these to be a sure-to-sellout sneakers. Not to mention, everyone will want to know what is hiding behind the metallic paint. What’s more, the release date, price and local availability from official stores, nothing has been revealed and we honestly do not know how and when they would be releasing these information. That’s how secretive this collaboration is. So if you’re as keen as us in getting this pair of sneakers, keep an eye out at G-dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE label, here. Or at Earlycop’s instagram:

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