German Black Beer Ice Cream with Lava Centre Coming Soon

Recently, ice cream flavours has been getting more interesting. From bubble tea flavour to salted egg and now, black beer. Originated from China, Singapore- based company, Happy Ice, will be importing them to Singapore for everyone to enjoy.

This German Black Beer ice cream comes on a lolly stick and is in the shape of a beer bottle.


It’s a chocolate-coated ice cram with an alcoholic lava centre. Don’t worry, a stick of this beer ice cream won’t be enough to make you tipsy. It only has one percent volume of alcohol.

It will be exclusively sold at Sheng Siong. So, head on down to your local Sheng Siong to stock up on these when they finally hit the freezers. But if you can’t wait for to get your hands on them, you can actually pre-order from Happy Ice here.

A pack of 3 will cost $12.90 and again, will be available from 13 July 2020 onwards.

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