Never shop alone with these new Studio Ghibli tote bags

Now with social distancing still in place. You should still be going to the supermarket on your own as much as possible. We understand that doing things on your own gets really lonely at times. But now with these new Studio Ghibli tote bags, you do not have to shop alone ever again!

Now imagine, you’re at the supermarket searching for ingredients all on your own. And now you are stuck waiting in line to check out your items. Just standing there, waiting, awkwardly. Maybe we are overthinking it but we bet there are people who feels this way. Well, fret not because Japanese retailer Donguri Kyowakoku, also known as heaven for things Studio Ghibli has released a line of reusable tote bag.

What’s so special about these tote bags? They come with adorable companions to perch on your shoulder. Like Lago on Jafar’s shoulder. You know Aladdin, the villain and his parrot. Anyways, check out the cute tote bags:

Kitsunerisu from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Boh and Zeniba’s harpy from Spirited Away

You get a companion that is environmentally friendly too!

At the moment they are both out of stock on Donguri Sore’s online website, but you can keep an eye out for a restock here.

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