Spotify launches Premium Duo for people living together

We know that it is tough trying to find the perfect playlist or just listening to music without any advertisements. Or if you love rap songs about big butts and your partner loves Backstreet Boys. Spotify’s newest subscription plan can hopefully bring the two of you together, despite your different tastes. 

Spotify Premium Duo is well, as the name suggests, for duos living together. Two people who live together at the same address can share one subscription for S$12.98 per month. It is available in 55 markets, including Singapore. 

If you are wondering what is the difference between Premium Family and Premium Duo, let us tell you. Premium Family is more expensive because as many as six people can have their own premium accounts with just one subscription (S$14.98). However, Premium Duo is just for two. The two will have access to shared Duo Mix.. Duo Mix is a playlist that will try to blend the two different music tastes not one that will update over time. There is a Family Mix too but for more people.  Premium family also has access to Spotify Kids app. Now, you must be thinking Premium Family is definitely the best choice, but if there are only you and your you really need six accounts? 

Just like any Spotify Premium account, you can download music, listen anywhere. There are no ad in interruptions, so you can enjoy nonstop music. Play any track on either your laptop or mobile. Unlimited skips too! Not to mention, you can cancel anytime.

So newly weds, Premium Duo might just be the thing for you. And you know what might go well with your new Spotify subscription? HUAWEI Sound X, Available in Singapore from July 4.


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