Face Wash for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Those face washes that claim they are hydrating and moisturising is often filled with ingredients that strip the natural moisture out of you and not to mention your skin barrier and those ingredients are sulfate, hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

So we tried to pick those without those horrible ingredients. We also did some researched about the types and www.prevention.com mentioned that we should also look for face washes that are creamy, no fragrances, contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and/or soy and avoid face washes that have anti-ageing components.

Anti-ageing ingredients such as glycolic or lactic acid might be able to help fight signs of ageing however it will strip your skin dry.

Here are some for you to try. We included descriptors for you to get to know your face wash better.

SKIN INC Skin Revival Infusion Cleanser

A power-packed cream to foam cleanser that purifies, repairs, and brightens all in one step. Skin Revival Infusion Cleanser features Uttwiler Spätlauber Stem Cell extract, an ultra-rare Swiss apple species, and has been formulated to address all signs of ageing, including fine lines, dull skin, pigmentation, and enlarged pores.

This luxurious cleanser is tough on makeup and impurities, but gentle on skin, prepping your complexion to receive rich nourishment in the following skin care steps.

SATURDAY SKIN Rise + Shine Gentle Cleanser

Rise + Shine Gentle Cleanser 120ml

Make a clean break. Apple and peach extracts whisk away impurities without stripping the skin for a fresh, revitalised complexion.

LANEIGE Cream Skin Milk Oil Cleanser

Low pH 5.5 cleanser to gently melt away both makeup and dead skin cells with milk oil, without any need for emulsification

1. Cleanser which contains the same ingredients as Cream Skin Refiner keep the skin hydrated after cleansing
with 100% Cream Skin Refiner to keep the skin hydrated after cleansing

2. Daily cleanser that gently melts away a buildup of dead skin cells clogging pores and sebum through light rub

3. Easy cleansing with a new milk oil formula that doesn’t need to go through an emulsification process

4. pH 5.5 (pH balanced) formula with good ingredients that boost the fundamental of the skin’s health

DERMALOGICA Intensive Moisture Cleanser

A light, creamy cleanser that removes impurities while actively nourishing dry, depleted skin. This emollient, lipid-enriched formula cleanses skin while helping to minimise the damage of vital proteins and lipids that defend against dryness.

CETAPHIL Gentle Skin Cleanser

A mild, soap-free face and body cleanser that hydrates and soothes skin as it cleans.

OLAY Sensitive Facial Cleanser with Hungarian Water Essence

Introducing Olay Sensitive, a dermatologically tested skin care line developed to calm dry, stressed skin. Olay Sensitive Calming Liquid Facial Cleanser, inspired by Hungarian Water Essence, is soap-free and dye-free, so it’s gentle on skin. This soothing face wash rinses away toxins and drenches skin in hydration. Inspired by Hungarian Water Essence, this sensitive skin facial cleanser is infused with essences of aloe and cucumber which work with Olay’s gentle skin formula to help fight dry skin at the source. So enjoy a calming clean with Olay Sensitive.


A fragrance-free, gentle cleanser that effectively removes makeup, dirt and grime, leaving skin soft and supple. The whipped texture transforms into a sumptuous cream when blended with water.

Infused with a powerful Botanical Antioxidant blend, it helps safeguard skin against environmental aggressors while also calming irritated skin. This non-stripping, pH-balanced formula works to maintain skin’s natural acidity and helps reduce flare ups, never leaving skin feeling tight or dry.

So now you know what to look out for during your hunt for non- stripping face washes, make sure you use them regularly. This were some of the many other brands that we picked out. You can try others too!

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