Shopee General Elections – Vote to Get Discounts!

The 13th General Elections have got to be one of the most exciting things to be happening at the moment. Without the physical rallies and our political parties have definitely been getting really creative. Everyday, we find ourselves continuously refreshing our social media pages for the latest memes…that was wrong. We mean latest updates. And now Shopee, too, is dipping its toes into political waters with its first-ever General Elections.

We can see the confused looks on your faces. So Shopee General Elections is where users can go to the polls from 1 to 8 July and vote for their favourite items. We are talking about your favourite item from different categories including Electronics, Beauty and Fashion to be discounted on Shopee. On 9 July, the Cooling off day, users can take a break from voting and just enjoy exclusive Home Appliances deals. On 10 July, tune in to Shopee Choice Awards to find out if your favourite item received the majority vote. All items with the majority vote will receive a flat 20% discount for one day only!

Today (6 July), is Toys, Kids and Babies Election Day. Mommies and daddies out there, cast your vote. The item with the majority vote will get a flat 20% off. Great way to get discounted milk formula and pampers. Tomorrow, 7 July, Sports and hobbies election day and 8 July, Food and beverage election day. Click here for more information.

All you got to do now is go onto Shopee’s website and vote! Get your friends to vote too. Remember majority vote wins. Also, did you know that Pokémon Center Singapore has launched its online store on Shopee Mall!.


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