[Review] Murder At Mandai Camp – Can you solve a virtual murder?

Last night, we experienced our first ever interactive murder-mystery play on Zoom. With most of our entertainment venues still closed, our local theatre company Sight Lines Entertainment came out with a new form of live theatre experience.

Before get get down to the nitty gritty details of last night, here is a short synopsis of Murder At Mandai Camp:

Murder At Mandai Camp is based off army myths that NS men might be familiar with. The story revolves around the murder of a young recruit whose mutilated corpse is found after an outfield exercise at Mandai Camp. Now as the audience, it is your role as detective to solve the mystery.

Sounds interesting? This is what happens after you purchase your ticket. You will receive your ticket about 2 hours before the show. A list of simple instructions are given and all you got to do is follow them. It is as simple as that. Not to mention, do join the telegram channel, this will be the main mode of communication. As additional information on the case will be sent via Telegram.  

The play is filled with plot twist after plot twist. Ok, maybe not that many plot twists but it was a good blend of murder-mystery and supernatural. Think Scooby-doo but live-action. We have to say that the production team have definitely fully utilised Zoom really well. There were no glitches and the flow was really good. It felt like everything was pre-recorded and we were watching a film. That was how good it was. And the transitions from Zoom to giving us additional evidence on telegram was smooth. We went in thinking ‘how scary could it be’ but we did get one or two jump scares that nearly made us scream. Though we did think that if there was background music, the jump scares would be 10 times scarier. The play was long enough, that we got all the information that we would need to solve the mystery. It was short enough that it did not feel like it was too draggy. 

Overall, the play was done tastefully and we would definitely recommend it to everyone who loves a good mystery or two. Not to mention the Telegram discussion made it so much better, everyone on the chat was just so funny and it brought the whole play together. Murder At Mandai Camp is BRUTALLY APPROVED.

Get your tickets for tonight’s or tomorrow’s show here.

In the meantime, if you need more information about Murder at Mandai CampJoin Singapore’s First Interactive Murder-Mystery Play on Zoom.


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