Netflix is releasing a new animated movie, ‘Over The Moon’ coming in Fall 2020

Believing is everything. Netflix is releasing a new animated movie, Over The Moon. A light-hearted and fun movie for everyone. Yes, it isn’t just for the kids. We are talking about adults and teens too. Grab your family members and friends, plop on the couch and enjoy the new Netflix movie coming fall 2020.

Over The moon is about a bright young girl, fuelled with determination and a passion for science, builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of a legendary Moon Goddess. There she ends up on an unexpected quest. She discovers a whimsical land of fanatical creatures. Directed by animation legend Glen Keane and produced by Gennie Rim and Peilin Chou. Over The Moon is an exhilarating musical adventure about moving forward, embracing the unexpected and the power of imagination.

We get a wonderful Asian inclusive cast: 

Cathy Ang (Fei Fei), Phillipa Soo (Chang’e), Robert G. Chiu (Chin), Ken Jeong (Gobi), John Cho (Dad), Ruthie Ann Miles (Mom), Margaret Cho (Auntie Ling), Kimiko Glenn (Auntie Mei), Artt Butler (Uncle), and Sandra Oh (Mrs. Zhong)

Here are some first-look images of the movie:

OVER THE MOON – (From Back Left Clockwise) “Grandma” (voiced by Irene Tsu), “Grandpa” (voiced by Clem Chung), “Auntie Mei” (voiced by Kimiko Glenn), “Auntie Ling” (voiced by Margaret Cho), “Uncle” (voiced by Artt Butler), “Father” (voiced by John Cho), “Fei Fei” (voiced by Cathy Ang), “Mrs. Zhong” (voiced by Sandra Oh) and her son, “Chin” (voiced by Robert G. Chiu). © 2020 Netflix, Inc.

All we got to do now is wait for Over The Moon to debut. Netflix has only announced that it will be released in Fall 2020. In the meantime, you could check out, Song Ji-hyo’s ‘Was It Love?’ Premieres July 8, Only On Netflix.


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