Dragonball Z and BAPE New Collaboration

BAPE has teamed up with the Dragonball Z franchise for a new collaboration. Bape or A Bathing Ape is a Japanese fashion brand founded by Nigo in Ura-Harajuku in 1993.The brand specialises in men’s, women’s and children’s lifestyle and street wear running 19 stores in Japan.

So now that we have given you a short introduction to BAPE, let’s get on with the new collaboration. The new collaboration focuses on the Super Saiyan forms of Goku, Vegata, Trunks and Gohan through playful illustrations of the beloved characters. Dragonball Z fans would also be able to recognise the other characters including Hercule, Cell and Mecha Frieza. Leading the collaboration is a set of denim jackets with a large back print featuring Goku and Gohan performing the Father-Son Kamehameha move and hoodies designed with a group shot of the illustrated characters. 

The t-shirts featured in the collection showcases a range of prints that pair Dragonball Z characters with Baby Milo. All the Baby Milo tees are marked with Dragon Ball markings on the side. There are also accessories which includes full printed bandana, smartphone ring and rubber keychains.

The Dragonball Z x BAPE collaboration is available on June 27 at the BAPE website.

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