[Netflix Review] 365 DNI – The next Fifty Shades of Grey hit or Fifty Shades of Stockholm Syndrome

Netflix movie 365 DNI is said to be Poland’s version of Fifty Shades of Grey book and film series. Based on the ‘erotic novel’ by Blanka Lipinska, the book was adapted into a film directed by Barbara Bialowas. 365 Dni follows what we would call the ‘winning formula’ of Fifty Shades of Grey. Taboo content, rich guy with sexual kinks and intellectual female protagonist. But is 365 Dni the next Fifty Shades of Grey hit or Fifty Shades of Stockholm Syndrome.

Before we dive right into the review, here is a short synopsis of the film. Massimo Torricelli, a young and handsome boss of the Sicilian Mafia family. Laura Biel, a sales director of a luxurious hotel. She has  a successful career but her private life lacks passion. She does not expect that on a trip to Sicily trying to save her relationship, Massimo will kidnap her and give her 365 days to fall in love with him, or she can go back to her mundane life in Poland.

This movie pretty much took everything they could get from the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, as if it was a bible of confused mixture of scenes desperately looking for a decent plot. Not to mention the weird pop-song-mixtape like soundtrack, why not just put in some ‘normal’ pop songs. And frankly, after the third or fifth time (we lost count) of seeing Massimo trying to please Laura and Laura sort of resisting him, we got bored. Laura, we know you want him, just look at the way you objectify him with your eyes. This could have been an hour long movie and you could have put us out of our misery but you just had to pretend to resist him.

It is perplexing that 365 Dni is both written and directed by women. We are pretty sure that tying a woman up against her will and objectifying her is not really the best even if you buy her luxury handbags after. Especially now with the #MeToo movement and everything else going on in the world. And let’s be honest here, if Massimo isn’t handsome or rich, Laura would definitely be going to the police or trying much harder to get away from him. To put it bluntly, this film is what we would use to explain what Stockholm syndrome is. So ladies out there, if you’ve watched this movie, this is what Stockholm syndrome is.

If you are able to compartmentalise the storyline and only focus on the kinda soft-porn, not-really-there sexual intercourse happening every so often, it can be quite hot. In spite of everything, we have to say that 365 Dni is exactly the thing that fans of such film will love. It is over-sexualised, has a storyline that does not make sense and focuses on the sexual kinks that no one talks about in real life. We know that there’s a market for this kind of thing and 365 Dni is it. 365 Dni is kinda enjoyable at times but it’s honestly as arousing as watching your clothes turn in a washing machine. 365 Dni is BRUTALLY DISAPPROVED.

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