2 Limited Edition LEGO sets featuring our childhood favourites – Mickey & Minnie and Super Mario Bros

We can safely assume that everyone knows what LEGO is blocks of joy, stack them up to make something new. A great way for both children and adults to get creative. Or some might call them blocks of pain when you step on them. LEGO has teamed up with two of our childhood favourites, Mickey & Minnie Mouse and Super Mario Bros to bring us limited edition LEGO sets that are just so cute we want them.

LEGO x Super Mario Bros

Nintendo and LEGO has revealed the entire set of its upcoming Super Mario Bros set. It includes a starter kit, ten extension packs, four power-up kits and a number of blind bag characters. 

The starter kit (USD$60) is needed to make the others function properly. It comes with an electric Mario figure with an LED screen body. The electric Mario figure is needed to power-up the electric components of the extension packs. The extension pack includes a Piranha Plant Power Slide (USD$30) and Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle (USD$100). Mario lovers would know that they are stages from the Super Mario games. But these are not only the extension packs. There are also Mario and Yoshi’s House, a Toad’s Treasure Hunt set, Thwomp Drop and King Boo’s Hunted Yard.  

Left: Starter Kit. Right: Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle

Mario will also come with a whole bunch of power-up suits and let’s not forget about the 10 blind bag figures. Check out the landing page for the full range. You can pre-order the LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course here

Lego x Mickey & Minnie Mouse

LEGO is bringing us the world-famous Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We are talking about the classic Mickey & Minnie looks. Yes, those shorts, we know that you know what awe are talking about. This Buildable Character Kit is great as a display piece in anyone’s home. 

This LEGO set is specifically designed for adults. With 1,739 pieces, there are many details that went into developing Mickey and Minnie. Mickey stands at 36cm and Minnie at 35cm. The set also includes buildable accessories like a retro camera, guitar and a photo album. And let’s talk about the packaging. The classic box with Mickey and Minnie on it that screams “I WANT THAT” and you can tell that it is adult focused with the sleek black colour instead of the usual bright yellow.

LEGO| DISNEY Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters retails at SGD$179.99 and will be available for pre-order from 1 July 2020 here.

Alternatively, if LEGOs are not your thing, have a first look at Sony’s new PlayStation 5.


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