Father’s Day 2020 – 5 tech gifts for every dad

Father’s day is this Sunday, 21 June. Have you gotten your gift yet? If you are looking for some gift ideas, here are 5 tech gifts for all type of dad. If your dad loves to clean, read or even loves to take photographs, you may be able to find a gift in this list. 

House Dad: Dyson V7 Motörhead cordless vacuum

This is the perfect gift for House dads or dads who just loves to clean. We know you are out there. This is a cordless vacuum with 9 different features. It is not just cordless but lightweight and transform to a handheld vacuum cleaner in one click. You need to clean the ceiling? you can. Your car? You can as well. Not to mention, you get 30-day money back guarantee, price match promise, free tools with auto-registration and free 2-day shipping. 

Could this be the perfect gift for your dad? If it is, you can get it here.

Audiophile Dad: Marshall Uxbridge Voice Smart Speaker

This is for dads who loves to listen to music but at the same time is tech-savvy enough to use Google Assistant. Marshall Uxbridge Voice Smart Speaker combines the legendary sound of Marshall with the helpfulness of Amazon Alexa. Small in size yet large in sound, this speaker delivers a clean and precise audio experience. Not to mention, with Alexa, dad can now multi-task. 

Could this be the perfect gift for your audiophile dad? If it is,  you can get it here.

Book-Loving Dad: Kindle Paperwhite

Does your dad love to read? Spend long hours on his favourite sofa, flipping through his book. Or are you running out of space because of the number of books her have. Well, if you’ve not heard of Kindle, it is an e-reader that reads like a book. It has the highest resolution e-reader display, no glare in bright sunlight and he can read comfortably with one hand. If you’re worried about needing to charge everyday, with Kindle Paperwhite, you only need to charge it monthly, not daily. The best part, it won’t tire your eyes in the dark. 

Could this be the perfect gift for your dad? If it is, you can get it here.

Photography Dad: Nix Play Smart Digital Picture Frame

Does you dad love to take photos but find it a chore to actually print them out. Well, digital photo frames will be perfect for him. Nix play smart frame is definitely our favourite among all the digital frames. They are on the pricier side but it is worth it. You can play videos on them or just upload a couple of photos on it. Manage the Fram with your smart phone. Facebook and Instagram are also supported. Our favourite feature has got to be it works with Alexa and it is wall-mountable! 

Could this be the perfect gift for your dad? If it is, you can get it here.

Gamer Dad: Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Control (Android)

There has got to be some gamer dads out there. We are not talking about Candy Crush, but gaming gaming. Razer’s Kishi Universal Gaming Control is just amazing. It has pass through charging, if your phone starts running low while you’re gaming with the controller still attached, simply connect it to your charging cable to the controller to get the device charging. Let’s not forget about the beautiful ergonomic design. Even we want it!

Could this be the perfect gift for your dad? If it is, you can get it here.

Alternatively, how about going for a family run? The annual Star Wars run goes online for the very first time.


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