[REVIEW] Starbucks Singapore’s new Fantasy Tail & Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino drinks

As of today, Starbucks Singapore just released two new Frappuccino drinks called Fantasy Tail Frappuccino and Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino for a limited time only.

We will be reviewing the drinks solely based on advertised pictures of it and its taste. Keep in mind, both drinks were delivered to us hence, as stated in the GrabFood app, whipped cream will not be available.

source: https://www.starbucks.com.sg/

Fantasy Tail Frappuccino is said to be filly with wildly fruity flavours of dragon fruit and mango, a generous dusting of blueberry powder, topped with a scrumptious chocolate tail.

Price on GrabFood: $8.50 plus delivery fee of $2.70 = $11.20

When comparing the advertised drink VS the real life drink as shown in the photos, its obvious that the blue streaks are missing as well as the saturated pink colour of the drink. What a disappointing first impression… reminds us of Tinder dates. There really were specks of blueberry powder, and the smell of the drink reminded us of fruity pebbles.

Here comes the important part, the taste. There was a tinge of sweetness that came from the mango flavour but it wasn’t strong. The primary taste of the drink was very berry. But even so, the taste was mild and unappealing.

The supposed ‘scrumptious’ chocolate tail tasted nothing like chocolate but rather bland and awful. It was hard as a rock as well. Just like their Mermaid Cake, there was nothing ‘magical’ about it.


As for Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino, it is said to be a perfect combination of coffee, rich chocolatey hazelnut and generous almond crunch with whipped cream.

Price on GrabFood: $8.50 plus delivery fee of $2.70 = $11.20

In comparison with the illustration by Starbucks Singapore, the drinks look nothing alike when we received it. There was supposedly a ‘generous amount of almond crunch’ when in actual fact, it was miserly.

Before taking a sip of the drink, there was a strong mixture of chocolate and coffee smell that was inviting. And then the taste test. At first sip, coffee was the prominent taste.

It was then balanced out well with the taste of the chocolatey hazelnut. There was no overpowering of each taste in this drink, both complemented each other. A few sips in and we got bits of the almond crumbs in the drink. Despite the grudgingly sparing amount of almond crumbs in the beginning, the taste ended up great.

And with that, this drink is BRUTALLY APPROVED.

In conclusion, not all new drinks (or cakes) from Starbucks are worth the hype and do not be deceived by the illustrations, clearly. Both drinks are available in-store and on GrabFood but only for a limited time.

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