Local Beauty and Skincare Brands You Could Try

Most of us would be familiar with beauty and skincare brands such as The Ordinary, Fresh, Fenty Beauty and NARS, just to name a few. These brands are all well and good but sometimes it takes a local brand to invent formulas that are unique to our skin and suitable to the Singapore climate.

We’ll be listing some local brands, from skincare to makeup, that you could try to keep your face as fresh.

#1 Skin Inc

Here you can customise your own serums to fit your skin type and conditions. Everything from pigmentation to fine lines, they’ll have the right ingredients for your serum.

#2 Dermagold

Made specifically for the skin that is exposed to humidity, their aim is to create a bare skin that’s radiant and well protected.

#3 FrankSkincare

Handmade with 100% organic ingredients without the addition of chemical, they have a short shelf life but will help you restore your skin’s glow. They also come in sets for different occasions and they contain products such as cleansing oil and treatment masks.

#4 Allies of Skin

In the first year of this product’s launch, it managed to expand to 12 countries. Founder, Nicolas Travis wasn’t even 30 years old when his brand made $700,000 in revenue. His products are known to stimulate collagen production in the skin and encouraging cellular renewal and repair.

#5 Liht Organic

Their products isn’t just safe and beneficial, they also heal and improve your complexion with regular use. They are an ultra-nourishing and guilt-free organic makeup that allows you to express yourself in every mood and season.

These brands have offers different types of products for different purposes. You could give them a try to find the suitable one for you and your skin. Skin Inc and Allies of Skin can be found on Sephora website while the others can be found on their respective pages.

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