Home Remedies To Remove Acne Scars

What’s worse than having acne? The scars. These scars are usually the result of inflamed blemishes by clogged pores, dead skin and bacteria that destroys the skin tissues. It tends to be stubborn and could last for a very long time.

Some might think that over the counter products would be the most effective way to remove those scars. But those products could contain chemicals and toxins that can actually damage your skin further.

So how can you treat them? These homes remedies might be the key to remove those blemish. Here are 5 that we gathered.

Aleo Vera

They contain antimicrobial properties that kills not only acne bacteria but also other potentially harmful microorganisms. It isn’t that strong to eliminate the scars entirely but it does help them bacteria from spreading and help lighten the scar.


Cucumber juice is a great natural ingredient that acts as a toner. It moisturises the skin and clears up acne. It also helps prevents the possible growth of acne with its silica content and fades the scar too.

Tumeric Powder

Turmeric is great for acne scars specifically because it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce excess production of pigmentation to your scar and make it darker. It’s also antiseptic so it smooths your skin without irritation. You can add tumeric and aloe vera to create a mask.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice for acne scars can be used alone or in combination with other natural ingredients. Choose any one remedy and try it regularly to reduce the appearance of acne scars. Lemon juice may dry out the skin, so it is very important to apply a moisturiser.

Tomato Slices

Tomatoes have iron, potassium, and other nutrients that support general health. It also closes pores, preventing bacteria, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from clogging them. This helps to reduce and clear up the acne scars.

Now, you can try these remedies at home. Find them in your kitchen and put them on those nasty scars. You can pick and choose which remedies works best for your skin. Do remember that these remedies do not show immediate changes and it takes time. Trust the progress.

Anyways, did you also know that vitamin c serum is good for your skin? You should add some into your skincare routine. Read more here.


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