[Netflix Review] Space Force, a comedy series that should have been scrubbed

Just a few days ago, NASA and SpaceX sent humans into space. We got to admit that during this global pandemic, sending humans up into space is the last thing on our mind. Just like Netflix’s relatively new comedy series, Space Force. It should have been scrubbed. 

For those who do not know what Space Force is about, let us give you a short summary of the Netflix series. The series follows General Mark Naird (Steve Carell), the newly appointed chief of space operations. We watch him try to make the completely rash notion of putting armed forces on the moon a reality. It is basically poking fun at the US president when he demanded for a Space Force without knowing what that actually meant. And that is how the series plays out. The writers writing a script without actually knowing what this series is about. 

The humour in the show is non-existent. Especially if you do not keep up with America’s politics or Trump’s tweets. For example, Carell’s character keeps emphasising that they will put “boots on the moon”, in reference to Trumps tweet mishap where he wrote “Boobs on the moon” instead of Boots. The whole series seem to be a parody of Trump’s tweets. We are never sure as to whether Space Force is a workplace comedy or a medium used to ridicule Trump. 

In addition to that, it is 2020 and we would be expecting a more diverse cast. Unfortunately, there are only three women, Naird’s daughter Erin, wife (Lisa Kudrow) and chauffeur-slash-pilot Angela. You do not see them very often. The interpersonal plot-lines between the female characters and the other characters are way more interesting but they often take a backseat.

The best way we could describe the entire series is that it is basically a SNL (Saturday Night Live) sketch. If this was a way to make jokes at something or someone, it is never really clear. Are they targeting Trump, or the idea of a space force, or America’s politics? You see this series making conservative jokes or not being able to commit to the joke that was made. It was just unsatisfying to watch and boring. It would have been better if they made a stand and outrightly made fun of Trump or whatever it is they wanted to make fun of. 

Let’s be honest here, the only reason this series got such good audience reviews is because the show was made for Steve Carell fans. You do not need to create the most popular show for the entire planet. You only need to create the most popular show for a small group. And that small group happens to be Steve Carell’s fans. We might be a fan of The Office but we are definitely not a fan of Space Force.


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