Neopets launches new open beta mobile site and now you can bring your Neopets wherever you go

It is 2005 and you’re playing Neopets. Everyone was playing Neopets then but the hype slowly died down. People who used to play Neopets are now working adults and/or parents. And we just can’t seem to get todays kids to like Neopets. Hopefully, with Neopets new open beta mobile site, kids would start to enjoy playing those cheesy games that we use to love. 

For gen z readers here, Neopets is a virtual pet website. We are not talk about Digimon or Pokemen Go. It is totally different. Users can own virtual pets, ‘Neopets’ and buy virtual items using virtual currencies, ‘Neopoints’. Neopoints can be earned on the site of ‘Neocash’ can be bought with real money or won by chance in-game. There is no set objective for players but to feed and care for your Neopets. You can buy Neohomes and customise your pets in certain apparels, accessories or paint them. And of course you can battle your Neopets against other Neopets. 

We do have to admit that the style of the game is little more feminine. And because the game was launched in 1999, there isn’t an app where you can download to play Neopets, only on your laptop. But now Neopets have launched a new mobile site and we are excited about it!

As it is an open beta version, you can put in your feedback on your playing experience or what you think Neopets can do to improve the game. Judging from all the positive feedback on twitter, we can safely say that people are loving it. So Neopets lovers out there, you can now bring your Neopets wherever you go and for new Neopets players, you are in for a treat!

Alternatively, the Pokémon Company International is launching the first ever board game version of the Pokémon Trading card game.


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