How To Prevent Breakouts When Wearing Face Masks

Wearing masks has become mandatory in Singapore whenever we leave our household. It helps prevent the spread of infection and prevent the individual from contracting any airborne infectious germs (aka the Coronavirus).

Aside from being a protection to us, it may also cause dryness, redness and breakouts. It’s caused from the dirt, sweat and oil that builds up under the mask which then leads to clog pores. The material of the masks also plays a part for this nasty things to happen. That’s something all of us wouldn’t want.


So here’s ways to prevent those breakouts from happening.

#1 Cleanse your face before and after wearing masks.

Before wearing your masks, wash your face thoroughly to remove the existing dirt and oil that may be present on your skin. After a long day of wearing it, do the same thing to remove the nasty stuff that has built up throughout the day.

#2 Do not reuse surgical masks (the blue ones)

Those surgical masks aren’t meant to be reused and there is no good way to clean them either. The dirt and bacteria that may have cling on the masks from your previous use may cause irritation and hence breakouts.

#3 Apply a good moisturiser

Wearing moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated and acts like a barrier to friction from your mask. Pick those that are fragrance free and oil free. Also, look out for ingredients such as ceramide and hyaluronic acid.

#4 Wash your mask regularly

This tip applies to the re-usable, washable face masks. Dirt and sweat may accumulate on the inner part of the mask and it could cause breakouts because of the bacteria. So make sure you wash them regularly to get rid of it.

Take note: It’s recommended to use fragrance free laundry products as fragrant within the fabric can be an irritant and we don’t want that for our faces.

#5 Keep yourself hydrated

Some of us might overlook this but drinking sufficient water is one of the keys to preventing breakouts. With the heat and humidity, it’s good to constantly hydrate yourself. Plus, it promotes proper skin hydration and keeps your skin away from excessive oil production.

Also, remember to avoid wearing the face mask for more than six hours at a time. Now that you have the tips and tricks to prevent all those skin complication, keep healthy and stay safe.

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