Fossil releases limited edition Solar watch and there are only 20 pieces in Singapore

Fossil has released their first ever eco-friendly watch, Solar. This limited edition Solar watch is made in partnership with EcoMatcher. Solar watch is the start of Fossil’s commitment to sustainability.  Fossil aims to create more sustainable products and transition to a circular business model for watches and packaging. 

There are only 20 Solar watches available in Singapore. And with every purchase, a tree will be planted. But what’s special about having a tree planted is that you will be able to locate your tree, name it and actually track its CO2 performance. So that’s something different that Fossil is incorporating with EcoMatcher

The watch comes in 36mm and 42mm. The packaging of each Solar watch is partially bio-based plastic which is made from environmentally-friendly castor oil. The straps are crafted from yarn spun from approximately 16 recycled plastic bottles. And each watch comes with five  different coloured interchangeable pull-through straps (blue, green, yellow, orange and hot pink). 

The Solar watch is powered by a rechargeable battery. Each battery charge is expected to run for roughly 4 months before it needs another recharge. Solar watch is available here at $249.00. 

Alternatively, CASETiFY’s new customisable, compostable phone case. Another brand that is committed to being more sustainable.


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