Eastpak’s new collection “RE-BUILT TO RESIST”, up-cycling old styles to reduce waste.

Eastpak has taken a stand with “RE-BUILT TO RESIST” regarding its support in addressing environmental concerns. Through its new collection, Eastpak is up cycling its old styles to create ‘new’ one-of-a-kind pieces to reduce waste.

The collection consist of book bags and fanny packs. The ‘new’ reconstructed bags are joined together with mismatched fabrics taken from older products that has been donated/ sent in by customers. You will see familiar prints such as florals and city landscapes placed together with solid-coloured panels. 

Eastpak aims to create more durable designs that stay strong and has a timeless style. Their bags carry a warranty of up to thirty years in hopes that consumers would buy better and buy less to help reduce consumption. Eastpak also encourages customers to reuse their old bags as a shopping bag or sports bag. And if they decide to part ways with it, pass it to a friend or donate it to charity. 

These are one-of-a-kind pieces as they are up-cycled from old Eastpak bags. The pieces in the collection are priced at approximately USD$57 for backpacks and USD$30 for fanny packs.

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