Samsung is releasing a BTS edition of their Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Buds+

How would you try to sell something? Easy! BTS! We are not talking about Behind the scenes, that totally doesn’t make any sense. We are talking about the most popular South Korean boy group, BTS (Bangtan Boys). Samsung is cashing in on how popular BTS is. They are releasing a BTS edition of their Galaxy S20. We are pretty sure that even during this global pandemic, this BTS edition of S20 will sell.

This new special edition Galaxy S20 comes in purple to line up with BTS. The new phone will be released on July 9, in South Korea. It is still unclear if there will be a BTS edition of S20+ and S20 Ultra. The shade of purple is identical to ‘Mirror Purple’ found on Galaxy Z Flip. Otherwise, the phone is pretty much the normal Samsung Galaxy S20 that comes in a special edition BTS packaging. 

The phone does come with a matching pair of Galaxy Buds+. The case of the Buds is purple and the touchpad of each earbud is purple as well. BTS’s logo os seen on the case and left earbud, while the right has the band’s heart shape. We do need to point out that the Galaxy Buds+ are sold separately. But if you’re unsure if you want those Buds, here is a photo of BTS wearing them. Do you want them now?

BTS fans all around the world are going to go crazy for this and we got to admit that the purple is quite beautiful. 

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