[Review] Pokka’s New Cookies and Cream Milk Drink

As we all may already know, Pokka SG recently posted on their Instagram (@pokkasg) announcing that their Cookies and Cream Milk drink is now available at most 7-11 stores in Singapore.

Said to be made with cookies, cream and milk, the drink is advertised to be low in fat and contains no added preservatives. This means its solely cookies, cream and milk.

As a taste benchmark for comparison’s sake, we will be comparing Pokka’s bottled Cookies and Cream Milk drink with other similar flavoured drinks from Starbucks and Coffee Bean. The drinks would be Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino and Chocolate Cookie Crumble respectively.

Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino: $7.50 on GrabFood + $3.70 delivery fee = $11.70

Chocolate Cookies Crumble: $8.80 on GrabFood + $3.70 delivery fee = $12.50

So the big question is, “should we still pay $7++ for a cookies and cream drink from either Starbucks or Coffee Bean now that we have Pokka’s Cookies and Cream Milk drink?”

The review will be based on taste and price.

Here’s a description of Starbucks and Coffee Bean’s drink for those who have yet to try them. Starbuck’s Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino has a balanced taste of chocolate chips and milk. This makes it mild and drinkable.

Coffee Bean’s Chocolate Cookie Crumble has a strong chocolate taste that was accompanied with the bits of cookie crumble. There was an evident taste of cream in each sip too. This had stronger taste compared to Starbucks.

Now, we’ll dive into Pokka’s Cookies and Cream Milk drink and review it for you.

Firstly, the hunt for this bottled drink was draining. We went to 5 different 7-11 stores to look and only found it at the 5th store. It could be due to the hype that there weren’t any stock at the first 4 stores.

Secondly, the smell of the drink was unpleasant when we uncapped the bottle. It smelled like puke – the kind that gives you a tummy ache after drinking spoilt milk. 

Lastly, for the taste, it lived up to its description of “flavoured milk drink”. The milk was the dominant taste and there was little to no cookies & cream flavour. It was a tinge of it (cookies and cream taste) in every sip. The milk didn’t have your typical smooth and rich taste, it was the opposite.

Therefore, should we continue buying our Starbucks and Coffee Bean since we have Pokka’s drink on the shelves of 7-11? The answer is yes, do continue doing so despite the higher prices.

At the price of $2.70 per bottle, even though you can get 3x of this Pokka drink for the price of 1 Starbucks/Coffee Bean equivalent, you’d be suffering 3x, in comparison to getting that Starbucks/Coffee Bean and enjoying that 1x. The Pokka Cookies and Cream Milk drink is one of the most non-palette pleasing drink we’ve ever tasted. BRUTALLY DISAPPROVED.

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