How to wash and take care of our reusable fabric masks

Nowadays, wearing a mask is just as important as having our mobile phones. We can’t leave the house without it. It has become an essential part of our lives whenever we want to leave our homes. When we look back to 2019, we would have never thought that wearing a mask would be mandatory. So much have changed. We all know how to wear a mask, there have been many tutorials on how to wear a mask, but do we know how to wash and take care of our reusable masks. That’s the real question.

Here are some tips to take note of when you’re washing/ taking care of your reusable masks:


Our reusable masks should be washed regularly. By regularly, we mean after every use.

Let’s talk about the Government-issued masks that were recently distributed. These masks need special care as you should not soak and wash it with detergent. Instead thoroughly hand wash these masks with room-temperature water and mild soap before drying. 

Next, the fancy reusable masks that you can buy online. These masks can be hand washed or machine washed. It is best to check with the supplier you got them from. Wash it with clean, warm water and mild soap. If your mask have a filter, do not throw it into the washing machine, instead hand wash it. And wipe the filter with anti-bacterial wipes. Lastly, soak the mask in warm water and soap for at least a few minutes before drying.

Photo cr. @vansewying_masks


After washing, it is equally important to dry your masks. It is to reduce the contamination of some viruses. It is really simple, dry out your masks in the sun or in a dryer. Just ensure that before using your masks, they are completely dry. You want to ensure that traces of microbes are removed before using them.


Avoid placing them in your pockets or bag. Instead store them in either a paper bag or Ziploc bag. Do ensure to fold your mask before putting it in. Sanitise your hands before and after storing it in a new paper bag or Ziploc bag.

Here are some easy references on how to take care of your masks that was made by one of our local brands (@vansewying_masks), that is sewing masks during this period, #supportlocal.

Photo cr. @vansewying_masks
Photo cr. @vansewying_masks
Photo cr. @vansewying_masks

So now that you know how to fully take care of your masks, Adidas releases washable face mask to battle COVID19. You would know how to take care of your new Adidas washable face mask.


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