5 one-colour puzzles that will drive you crazy and where to get them

Now that Phase 1 has officially began, we need to look for more things to do. After a month of playing online games and video calling, might not be as interesting for some of us. Do not worry, as we found the next best thing!! One-colour puzzles! So it is basically a puzzle that does not have any graphics on it. It is just one solid colour, or at times a gradient of colours. But basically one colour. Here are 5 different one-colour puzzle and where to get them. Hopefully, the puzzle will not drive you insane, because it drove us insane (in a good way).

1. The One-Colour Heinz Ketchup Puzzle

570 pieces of Heinz red pieces. If looking at it doesn’t make your head hurt, this could be the puzzle for you. Challenge yourself and see how long it takes for you to complete the entire puzzle. 570 pieces doesn’t sound a lot but if it’s just a solid colour, it might not be as easy as it seems. The puzzle was actually meant to be a giveaway on their social media platforms but because of how popular it got, Heinz decided to sell a limited number os them on their website. Unfortunately, the puzzle is only available in the US and Canada. Hopefully, it will be available worldwide soon.

2. Beverly Micro Pure White or Black Hell Puzzle

1000 solid colour micro pieces. Just when you thought that it couldn’t get more challenging, imagine micro pieces. 1000 micro pieces. But for those of you that loves white or black, this puzzle will be so beautiful framed up on your wall. Unless, doing the puzzle messes with your head then maybe you shouldn’t get it framed up. This micro puzzle comes in white and black. The best part? They are available on Amazon!! These puzzles are going for $31.80 each. 

3. CLEAR puzzle

Yes, you read it right, CLEAR puzzle. Not only that, you can actually choose the difficulty level. 4 levels: Easy (9 pieces), Okay (25 pieces), Hard (49 pieces), Crazy (144 pieces). If you’ve tried the Beverly micro puzzles and thought that it was a walk in the park, this could be your next challenge. But if you do complete this, it will look so amazing!! Think about the different ways you can instagram this. 4 different levels, 4 different prices and they are available on Etsy

4. Clemens Habicht’s 1000 colours

This is a CMYK colour gamut puzzle of 1000 pieces. According to the website, “Each tile is an individual colour and the task is to place each colour exactly in relation to every other colour”. Designers everywhere, this would be amazing for you!! Take a little break from staring at your screen and enjoy the subtle difference in each blue piece you put down. Maybe it will drive you little crazy, when you get it wrong but imagine as each piece clicks into place. This puzzle is available here

5. Natural Sand Impuzzible

1000 pieces puzzle featuring a picture of sand. So before you start complaining that this is not a solid colour but take a look at it. It is SAND! And the only details is the few ripples in it. This is going to be such a challenge that even the most seasoned puzzler will get a headache. At least that’s what the website is claiming. This puzzle is available on alljigsawpuzzles.com. Impuzzible has another challenging puzzle if you do not like sand, they have the natural grass puzzle! Let us know if you felt that you’re lost in a desert when you’re putting the puzzle together. 

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If you would like us to review one of these puzzles, leave a comment and we might actually try it out!


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