Hermès launches brand new 2-in-1 roller skate sneakers

Luxury brand Hermès, has released an inventive yet unconventional take on roller skates. It is part of their Savana sports collection. The Savana Dance Roller Skates features a 2-in-1 system where the base wheel can be taken off from the sneaker. 

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The roller skates uses a quick lock system that allows the wheel base (made from maplewood) to be released from the sneaker in a matter of seconds. The sneaker features a white calfskin with leather lining. The maplewood base is fitted to a Krypto Imulse wheels and metal hardware. And the entire sneaker roller skate is made in Italy.

If you want to show off your Hermès sneakers when you’re out and about, you can. If you want to roller skate in the park, you can too. We would say that people do not really roller skate in Singapore and we do not think that anyone here would use a USD$4,450 pair of sneaker roller skates. Maybe they would wear the sneakers or maybe just display them as a collectable at home. 

The Savana Dance Roller Skates is available on Hermès’ online store for approximately USD$4,450. 

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