[Review] We tasted and reviewed Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Flavours (New and Current)

Did you know that vegan ice cream has health benefits such as effortless weight loss, less bloating, clear skin and fewer sinus issues as compared to normal ice cream? Well they do because they are plant based.

We have to start by saying that it was so difficult to hunt down for these new vegan flavours in our neighbourhood supermarkets during this time.

We searched at NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage and other convenient stores and most of the vegan and normal flavours were temporarily out of stock.

That gave us a hint that it might be that good to the point there wasn’t that many left on the shelves. We went down all the way to 313@Somerset to get a hold of some of the vegan flavours that were available at the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop.

We managed to get their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Berry Berry Extraordinary Sorbet and Lemonade Sorbet that were hand packed into pints – which explains the packaging.

2 tablespoons of each ice cream was being scooped out for review. We also drank a cup of water after every flavour to cleanse our palate.

We will be reviewing them based on taste and whether we feel the ice creams made us feel unhealthy.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Vanilla Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert with Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Fudge Flakes

Out of the 3 vegan tubs of ice cream, this was the most ice cream looking. This is Ben & Jerry’s new vegan flavour and at first bite, we could taste the almond in the ice cream since its made with almond milk. It was immediately accompanied by the cookie dough flavour along with chocolate chip bits.

The texture was smooth and creamy, no complains. There was chocolate chip bits in both spoonful which means theres a generous amount of it. The fudge flakes were also visible.

There was a tinge of caramel in the ice cream too that gave a right balance of sweetness. Overall, eating this ice cream didn’t make us feel unhealthy.


Berry Berry Extraordinary

Swirls of Blueberry Fruit Sorbet and Raspberry Fruit Sorbet

We have to admit this was our first time trying a sorbet ice cream. At first bite, it immediately melts in your mouth unlike ice cream. The texture of the sorbet was like your 7-11 slurpee but in a semi hard form.

The taste of berries was very strong. At first bite, no doubt we could tell that it was made out of all berries. We could also see the bits of berries in the sorbet.

It was like eating strawberry jam, only colder. The sweetness and sourness was balanced which made it bearable to eat. However, our throats became rather itchy after the two spoonfuls of the sorbet. We downed it with a cup of water and it was fine.


Lemonade Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet

This new sorbet flavour wasn’t appealing at all at first sight. It was just a dull white with a tinge of yellow that could barely be seen. The texture was similar as the Berry Berry Extraordinary one however the taste…

One spoonful and the sourness of the lemon and the coldness goes straight to your brain. It was really sour. The taste of lemon was prominent and left us with a refreshing feeling.

All in all, the lemonade sorbet did what normal lemonade would do – to quench the thirst on a warm, sunny day.

We got these 3 pints for $29.00 as there was an offer at their Scoop Shop at 313@Somerset.

In conclusion, the vegan flavours tasted just as good as any other regular ice cream and since its our first time tasting sorbets, Ben & Jerry’s sorbets left us with a really good impression. However, a scoop of it would be sufficient and you can get them at their Scoop Shops here.

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