Google launches new AR tool to help us visualise social distancing restrictions

Have you ever wondered how you are supposed to adhere to social distancing without those stickers on the ground. Well, Google has an answer for that. Google created an augmented reality (AR) tool that you can use to help you visualise social distancing. We guess that in 2020, we kind of need this in our new socially distant way of life. 

This new experimental tool, brought to use by Experiments with Google, is named Sodar. The tool uses WebXR to create a 2-metre radius ring around you using your phone screen. At the moment, Sodar is only available to Android users. You start off by scanning the QR code to go to the mobile site or go to and it will launch on your phone.  Once that’s done, all you need to do is point your phone camera down to the ground and move it around. The measuring tool should then appear.

You must be wondering why 2-metre instead of 1. The World Health Organisation says that a distance of one metre is safe but the UK government has opted for a two-metre rule for the time being. So Google is trying to cater to that. And what’s the harm in standing even further away from people.

One other thing that is awesome about this is the privacy settings. Before going into the mobile site, a pop-up should appear, “While you’re in AR, this site may be able to: create a 3D map of your environment; track camera motion. Only you can see what your camera is looking at. The site can’t see your camera’s images.”. At this day and age, everything we do on our phone, is secretly tracked by a company. So hopefully, what the pop-up says is true and no one can see our camera’s images.

Now, there’s no reason to standing close to one another. 

Alternatively, you could stay home and have food delivered to you. Here are 5 Halal Restaurants with Delivery in Singapore. If you would like us to test Sodar out, leave a comment below and who knows, we may actually try it out.


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