5 Cafes That Delivers Islandwide and to Your Homes

You can get your coffee fix right here without stepping out of your house. Most of us are still working from home and might need that caffeine boost in the morning so that we won’t go napping away mid-day.

Here are 5 cafes around Singapore that delivers right to your doorstep.

#1 Punch

Besides the usual long black and ice latte, they have a special called Wicked, a minted mocha drink which you can get hot or cold.

source: punch.sg

Prices start from $5 for a long black or latte. For orders above $30, delivery fee starts at $8 and depends on your location. You can order through WhatsApp @ 8398 4300.

#2 Bootstrap Beverages

This is where you can get your cold brew coffee. They have been brewing cold brew variants since 2015 and is known for their extensive range of cold brew coffee.

They sell their cold brew in bottles of 6 from $30 onwards. You can take a look at their menu and order from their website here.


Here’s one of Bookstrap Mix Pack for $35.00. There is free islandwide delivery on all orders.

#3 Made Cold Singapore

One of its most popular cold brew is their Breaking Ground. Its made from a Brazil and Sumatra Coffee blend. You can also opt for their Hojicha that is made from Japanese green tea with hints of caramel.

Prices start at $6.50 per bottle and $19.50 for a pack of three. There is free delivery for orders above $50. You can get yours through their website here

#4 Amber Ember

They recently introduced their bottled white brew called Cold Shoulder on the menu. It goes for $8 per bottle. They also have their fresh and hot drinks like hot white and hot black.

source: https://www.amberember.sg/

You can order yours here. The cafe is located in Serangoon therefore, delivery within 10km radius of the cafe will have a fee of $5.

#5 No Sleep Club

True to its name, the No Sleep Club sells food, cocktail and coffee around the clock. Get their bottled brews in black, white, matcha and many more.

source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_jcfiqn6TY/

An interesting element here is that they even have some donut-infused milk to upgrade the taste of your regular cuppa. Drinks start from $6. Depending on your location, delivery fee ranges between $10-$12. There is free delivery for orders above $150.

You can order yours through WhatsApp @ +65 8838 0188 for your drinks.

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