Wholesome Games Direct: Online gaming convention that acknowledges cute indie games

We have to admit, not everyone in Brutal Asians are avid gamers. Some of us are really averse towards games that have a grim storyline. We are not saying that those games are bad but 2020 has brought us nothing but a sense of impending doom. And we have to admit that it is getting harder to feel hopeful about how things are going to be. Which is why, when we found Wholesome Games Direct, it was great! They celebrate feel good indie games that are usually less stressful and cute.

Matthew Taylor, co-founder of Wholesome Games Direct wrote, “One of the reasons we started Wholesome Games is to change people’s minds about what games get taken seriously. So often we see a game’s ‘seriousness’ equated with the grimness of its theme or realism of its graphics, but there’s a whole world of games that are less violent, less stressful, and less bleak with just as much emotional complexity as yesterday’s award winners”. 

Wholesome Games Direct showcases digital indie games that usually get sidelines during larger gaming conventions (like E3). So for gamers, who are just like us, wanting to take a break from your intense games here are 5 games that have been released and are available to play now.

1. InBento

Available on the App Store, Google Play and Nintendo Switch.

2. Pushy and Pully in Blockland

Available on Steam and XBOX.

3. Half Past Fate

Available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

4. Starbear: Taxi

Available on Steam.

5. KnotBot

Available on Steam.

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