Thor: Love and Thunder Concept Art shared by Taika Waititi

We all have to agree that Thor: Ragnarok is the best Thor movie. Taika Waititi has done an amazing in rebranding Thor, from a serious tonic character to a funny and lovable one. So when we heard that Taika is directing the next Thor movie, couldn’t be more excited. Not to mention Taika has revealed the concept art of Thor: Love and Thunder!

But before we get into the concept art reveal, what do we know about Thor: Love and Thunder. The movie will centre around Natalie Portman returning to play Mjolnir-wielding Jane Foster. It will also show us Valkyrie as the new ruler of New Asgard on Earth. That is not a lot of information to work on, but we will take whatever we can get. We all know how secretive Marvel Cinematic Universe is. 

Last month, Taika hosted a Thor: Ragnarok watch party on Instagram. During the Instagram live, he showed some Love and Thunder concept art, which includes another look at New Asgard. 

But what caught our attention was how Miek looks in Love and Thunder. Miek has a new exoskeleton and surprisingly feminine. We bet most of you forgot who Miek is. Miek shoed up in Thor: Ragnarok as one of the gladiators. The weird bug one that never said anything. The one that is always with Korg. (You know the one where Korg was playing Fortnite in Endgame). We have so many questions as to why they are bringing this character into light now. Will Miek be playing a bigger role in Love and Thunder? Will Miek be helping Valkyrie in running New Asgard?

If everything goes well, Thor: Love and Thunder will be on the board for February 28, 2022. And maybe we will be able to get some answers. But for the time being, we will wait for Black Widow that is said to be released on November 6, 2020.

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