Rotten Tomatoes rated these movies, that are leaving Netflix in June 2020, a 70% and above: Are they really that good? – Netflix review

Every month, Netflix introduces new movies and series and removes some of them. We checked out which are the movies leaving on June 30 and did some research. Which of those movies leaving have a Rotten Tomatoes ratings above 70% and there are four of them. So now, we went to check if their Rotten Tomatoes ratings are accurate (we are really sceptical) and if the movie is really that good. If it is, do watch them before they leave Netflix this June. Let the reviewing begin.

The Ring – 71%

Everyone who loves horror must have heard of The Ring. In 2002, the horror movie The Ring was released in the US following the underground success of Ringu, the Japanese counterpart. From then on, many books have touched on the phenomenon of The Ring. 

So now 8 years later and we are watching The Ring. The first thing we noticed was the sounds of static and piercing frequencies that kept us on our toes. The thing about horror is that after watching a whole bunch of horror movies, you can sort of guess, when you’re about to get a jump scare. Or so you thought. The shocks in The Ring are well-timed. The moment you realise that a scare was coming, it’s too late. You would have already screamed or jumped. 

Aside from the great scares in the movie, movie buffs who loves movies with hidden societal messages, this is one of them. Unexpectedly, The Ring is filled to the brim with hidden messages. For example, Samara crawling out of the TV, in a culture like ours where we are obsessed with screens, is a warning (getting killed by our screens). The warped faces of Samara’s victims could be a reflection of the identities we create with photo apps, changing the way we look with a swipe of our finger. 

We might not have been able to relate to The Ring as much in 2002, but watching it in 2020 brings a new light on the movie. We are glad that we watched it and it definitely deserved that 71% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Ring is BRUTALLY APPROVED

Patriot Games – 72%

1992 Harrison Ford looks so dashing. Ford looking so fine takes us back to his Indiana Jones days. We bet that many of you have never heard of Patriot Games. Patriot Games is based off Tom Clancy’’s book of the same name. The movie is faithful to his book but with an Indiana Jones ending.

Let us give you a short synopsis of the movie: Jack Ryan (played by Harrison Ford), his wife Anne (played by Anne Archer) are in London with their daughter. When all of a sudden his wife and daughter walked into the middle of a murder-kidnapping by Irish terrorists. Ryan gets involved and is hailed a hero but is now number one on the enemy list of Sean Miller (played by Sean Bean).

In 1992, maybe we would have been in awed by the ‘state-of-the-art’ technology in the film. But in 2020, we were not impressed. The Ryans are so generically happy and the terrorists so ‘lack-of-imagination’ bad that there wasn’t any real tension or surprise. We bet that after reading the short synopsis, you can already guess how the movie plays out. Maybe we should take into account that it is a 1992 movie, but even so, the movie was lacklustre to say the least. We do not know how Patriot Games got a 72% on Rotten Tomatoes as it is BRUTALLY DISAPPROVED. So glad that it is leaving Netflix in June 2020.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – 80%

This is the oldest movie of the lot. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a 1986 comedy about a teenager who skips school so that he can help his friend win some self respect. This is a light-hearted, sweet comedy that is easy to digest. However, it fails on so many levels.

We will come right out and say it, we could not relate to the characters at all. Maybe because it was set in the US and things are different. Maybe that’s the case but usually in a US high school setting, we are able to empathise with the characters in some way. But no. As we go along with Ferris’s way of life, it leaves us feeling empty. Theres just not much substance to it. Ferris character is utterly self-confident and without any worries and unfortunately, Matthew Broderick’s performance is not compelling enough to pull it off. 

Watching this film in 2020, just didn’t sit right with us. The lack of diversity among the cast, the whole male lead and ditzy female and the mundane storyline just brought us dread. We are just wondering how did this movie end up as the tenth-highest grossing film in 1986 and with an 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is BRUTALLY DISAPPROVED

Inception – 87%

We have to say that hands down this is one of our favourite movies. A dream within dream. Inception was made by a star-studded team. Star-studded endowed in diamonds. Firstly, we have Christopher Nolan an amazing director that took Inception and made it into something that we believe is an engineering feat. Next we have Hans Zimmer. The heavy music composed by him, brought the movie into a whole new world. The dream cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Dileep Rao and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And together, they form the dream team.

We do admit that it took some time for us to grasp what the movie was trying to tell us. But after the first hour, we were sold. After being suspended across dream within dreams, it created stress that made us want to scream, “What in the world is going on here”. Even with that in mind, we just kept watching. Inception kept you on your toes.

At the end of the movie, we found ourselves utterly exhausted. No movie has ever made us feel that way but it was amazing. Not only, did this intense chaos that the movie brought us made us think throughout the movie, it kept us wanting more. Yes, this is not one of those movies where you can guess the plot or mindlessly just watch for the action. This is something fresh and brings you into a new world. Inception is BRUTALLY APPROVED. Rotten Tomatoes is right with their ratings.

In the end we BRUTALLY APPROVED two films and BRUTALLY DISAPPROVED the other two. Do comment in the comment section down below if you agree or disagree with us. Or if you have any other films or series you would like us to review, let us know.

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