Reviewing the New Cakes from Starbucks Coffee Singapore!

We recently announced the launch of Starbucks Coffee’s New Cakes, and we will be reviewing this 2 cakes to see if it is worth the hype and your money. The criteria will be based on looks, taste, smell and price.

*Take note, both cakes were in room temperature when being tested*

The first cake will be the Mermaid cake. Made without baking, the base of the cake is caramel flavour topped with a white chocolate pearl, they say.

Price: As per GrabFood, $7.20.

From the looks of it, you can tell that the cake is a soft, moose kind of cake with a thin layer of caramel crumble at the bottom. The cake colours give you a paddle pop vibe.

The texture of the cake was the first thing that can to mind – its was as though you were eating melted ice cream.

The cheesecake flavour was there but it wasn’t distinctive. As for the bottom caramel layer, we could barely taste the caramel.

It’s named as the ‘Mermaid’ cheesecake and we are all aware that mermaids are mythical creature, something out of this world. But when you taste the cheesecake, there is really nothing special about it.


The next cake is the French Vanilla Lychee Cake where the moist layers of light French vanilla sponge cake is accompanied with lychee-flavoured buttercream and delightful lychee bits, they say.

Price: As per GrabFood, $7.20.

We can immediately smell the lychee sweetness from the cake before eating it. As you can see, the first layer of lychee-flavoured buttercream is thicker from the rest at the bottom.

That top layer was the first thing that we tasted and it was too sweet. The texture of the buttercream was rather dense as compared to other butter creams out there which are creamy and smooth.

The vanilla – ness of the cake was barely present because the lychee was the dominant flavour. If you eat just the sponge cake, you can taste the vanilla.

Talking about the sponge cake, it wasn’t spongy at all. It was not moist and soft even though it was in room temperature. However, we could taste the lychee bits in the cake. It was prominent at the first bite.

Maybe they could add a little more of the lychee bits since it’s called a French Vanilla Lychee Cake.

Overall, we give this a BRUTAL APPROVED.

In conclusion, Starbucks should focus on their drinks. It’s better that way.

Also, we tasted both cakes on their own and we would like to recommend for you to get a cup of hot tea to down the sweetness from your throat. The sweetness of the cakes still lingers in your throat.

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