Adidas releases washable face mask to battle COVID19

Adidas continues to fight against COVID19 with the launch of their washable face mask. Or as they call it their washable Face Cover. Why did we say continue to fight against COVID19? You may not know but Adidas partnered with Carbon to produce 3D-printed face shields. Currently, more than 18,000 mask shields are being produced a week. They are allocated  to first responders and healthcare professionals around the world.

Things to know about their new washable face mask: It isn’t medically graded. Neither is it a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) face mask. Adidas highlighted that the mask is used to help prevent the spread of the virus through droplet transmission. 

The mask is made with layers of recycled polyester and elastane. Which would explain why it is soft and breathable. Stretchable ear straps for a tight and comfortable fit. They come in Adidas’s classic tonal black and contrasting white logo features. On the inside, the words “WASH.DRY.REUSE” are printed on the lower left side.

The washable face mask comes in packs of three. It is not available in Singapore, but it is available on Adidas US for USD$16. $2 from every pack of face masks sold goes to Save The Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.

Elsewhere in the fight against COVID19, UNIQLO is going to start selling breathable and fast-drying Airism masks! Those would be perfect for Singapore’s weather. But for now we shall wait for the official launch date of UNIQLO’s Airism masks.

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